About Us

AGS Medikal was founded in 2007 in Istanbul with the intention of providing permanent solutions for the patients and the doctors to improve their life quality. In 2010, with the transfer of the know-how, AGS Medikal started manufacturing Dental implants in its manufacturing facility in Beşikdüzü, Trabzon. Soon after its foundation, AGS Medikal has taken its place as one of the esteemed companies in the dental implant industry in Turkey with its expert personnel and high technology equipments.

AGS Medikal is currently a market leader in Turkey, with product line used in prestigious dental faculties and universities in Turkey and abroad. A large exports network to more than 50 countries. It was the first Turkish dental implant company to receive the FDA Approval (US Food and Drug Administration), and the fifth company in the world to introduce a zygomatic implant line for the rehabilitation of severely atrophic cases.

AGS Medikal employs 137 expert professionals; 76 in the manufacturing facility, and 61 in the headquarters including engineers, technicians, and biologists, chemists.

AGS Medikal has increased its global brand awareness for Implance by sponsoring exhibitions, congresses, and trainings all over the world including AIM Academy, EAO, and more.