Design Specifications

Hybrid Design

Is the ideal combination of cylindrical (straight) and conical (tapered) implant designs.

Hybrid implants do not cause compression, stress or bone loss which may arise from compression on the neck area in long term since they have the ideal design with cylindrical neck area and tapered apical.

Switch Platform

Protects cervical bone by moving the connection Between implant and abutment away from bone surface.

Implance Implants with Switch Platform System are safer against bacteria, they are more hygienic; and they have a longer life.

Thread Design

That avoids transfer of the stress to the bone.

Implance Implants have optimum primary stability on every type of bone with its semi-aggressive groove design, and self-cutting feature.

Micro Threadless Neck Area

Bone resorption risk at the neck will decrease in the implant design without micro threads because colonization of bacterial plaque will be less on the implant neck area.

Impeccable Internal Structure and Conical Connection

The impeccable internal structure of Implance Implant System ensures excellent compatibility between the abutment and implant connection while no micro-gap is formed. A more durable implant – abutment connection is provided by means of an 11° angled conical connection and morse taper, therefore abutment and superstructure will be much more durable and long-lasting.